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1. Inspect, Test & Sample
2. Diagnose & Create Plan
3. Implement Plan
4. Monitor Plan

5. Re-Test as needed  

6. Adjust or Add New   


There is enough solid science available
to back up the claims that controlling
IAQ can save lives.

About Steve Welty

Steve has 25 years of experience in discovering and identifying hidden mold contaminated areas in homes and buildings. Steve uses innovative sampling methods along with his advanced instruments and expertise to identify and diagnose these moldy areas.


He uses his skills as a Bioterrorism expert to design air purification and fresh outdoor air systems to ensure that his clients are constantly breathing clean air. Our goal is to prevent patient re-exposures to toxic mold mycotoxins which compromise their immune system. 

Inspection- Three Goals

* Identify Contamination Sources: Where are the sources of current or previous mold growth

* Identify Cross Contamination Areas: Where has cross contamination occurred from mold contamination sources that may now have impacted the:   

- occupied living spaces 

- heating and air conditioning systems (HVAC)

* Identify suspect water penetration(s) and which system failure(s) may be responsible

-HVAC coils & drain pans, drywall, wood beams, flooring and hidden pipe leaks

It is critical that these three elements are properly addressed in order to create a testing plan. 


Property History

We begin our assessment of your property by sending you an in depth questionnaire. We want to know about all historical water events- 

-Basement floods?

-Pipe bursts, sink or toilet leaks?

-Roof, gutter or window leaks?

-HVAC floods?

-Water Stain Spots

-Moldy smells?

 Many areas may not show any visual clues,  but our instrumental readings can show possible mold contamination. 


During our on-site assessment , our process is very comprehensive in identifying any potential sources of mold contamination throughout the home.


-Negative slope Grading,

-Downspout drainage,

-Doors, window




-crawl spaces,


-interstitial spaces (behind walls)

-and everywhere in between.

We use advanced thermal infrared camera to diagnose potential wet areas of the buildings.  We then use two different moisture meters to test potential wet areas identified by the infrared camera in additional to all areas of plumbing, water lines, and thresholds like windows, fireplaces, and doors to determine if they have been impacted by water damage.

We also do a thorough visual assessment looking for water intrusion indicators such as:

-cracking or peeling paint,

-split drywall seams

-buckling walls or floors,

-staining or discoloration,

-and suspect odors,

all which can all be a signs of either current or previous water intrusion.

With the history of the home, a comprehensive inspection, and the client's goals. we create a sampling plan and then test to determine the presence of mold.


Expert DNA sampling will clarify which mold spores are present in the air and on surfaces.

* Even without visible mold growth, our test results will help us diagnose the likely sources.
    Many walls have hidden mold behind them.

* Both surface and air sampling is recommended. Samples are taken from the occupied living spaces to 

    determine if they been compromised.

* Sampling allows us to validate and enumerate the mold species and also show what potential

    mycotoxins those molds produce on order to match those mycotoxins that our patients care being

    exposed to the lab test results which have shown are in the bodies of our patients.


All of our samples are analyzed by American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) accredited laboratories.


Diagnose and Create Plan

In our plan, we explain a lot of complex information so it can be easily understood, not only by the client, but also their family members, their doctors and any contractors who may be called to perform services to correct deficiencies. Our plan will be the client’s reference document throughout the entire process, so it is important that they understand every section of it.

We provide a complete and thorough plan with photos of all impacted or suspect areas, an interpretation of all lab results, and a step-by-step remediation protocol for what needs to be done to remedy any contaminated areas. HVAC, landscaping, roofing, mold and construction contractors may all be part of making the air in your home safe again to breathe. 

Implement Plan

Our goal is to be your representative in all negotiation with contractors who you employ to fix the issues outlined in our plan. In addition to assisting in getting several competitive bids, we can negotiate with contractors in order to secure the lowest cost to you. We will communicate with all contractors and can supervise the work as it progresses. Only until we are satisfied that the work is complete will we advise you to pay the contractor.


Re-Test and Monitor 

Since expert DNA sampling will clarify which mold spores are present in the air and on surfaces, we will retest the air and surfaces after all work is completed. This will validate the success of your plan.  If you have chosen to only implement parts of our recommendations, then testing will show the impacts of your choices.

You can share with your physician the new re-testing results and empower them to help you remove the toxins in your body knowing that you'll be breathing clean air at home. 

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