Steven Welty


CIE (Certified Indoor Air Environmentalist)

CAFS (Certified Air Filtration Specialist)

LEED® AP (USGBC Green Building Professional)

As an expert in understanding and preventing airborne infectious diseases.
Steve creates airborne infection control systems utilizing high output ultraviolet light, patented Germ sucking filters and fresh air, positive- pressurization systems.


  • designs top secret bioterrorism air purification systems for the Federal Government. Steve designed, specified and supervised the installation of the airborne bioterrorism protection system within the most secure building in Washington, DC.

  • uses his expertise as an airborne infectious disease investigator to solve airborne germs and mold problems in homes, office buildings, schools and hospitals.

  • is a contributing and named author to the ASHRAE IAQ Guideline 24 & the AIHA Surface Disinfection Guideline.

  • has authored many published articles

  • has briefed the Federal Agencies on the relationship between "airborne influenza, humidity and flu season” in 2009 & 2013 at the EPA in Washington, DC.

In 2006, Steve was the Founding chairman and is a contributing author of the first School mold, moisture & Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Guideline: “Standard Guide for the Inspection of an Educational Facility for Moisture Intrusion and Mold Growth”.  It is undergone two public reviews and is now due for publication in 2019.

Extensively lectured on and authored articles about airborne infectious diseases, HVAC energy efficiency, indoor air quality, air filtration 

At EPA Headquarters in Washington ,DC, briefed all Federal agencies on how low indoor humidity in the wintertime increases infectious airborne influenza which then causes “flu season”.


Lectured about how the toilet flush aerosolization of SARS created "fecal clouds" in Hong Kong which caused the 2004 worldwide SARS pandemic in. 

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