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Green Clean Air =
Purified Healthy Air
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Breathing in Airborne Germs & Mold Causes
You Illness, Fatigue and Pain
With Precision Instruments and Airborne Germ Sampling, We Diagnose Your Air to Prevent You
From Breathing In Germs & Mold
Our Process
Inspect, Test & Sample
Diagnose & Create Plan
with Work Outline
Implement Recommendations
Re-test, Monitor & Maintain Systems

Airborne Disease Problems

  • Germs Cause Diseases

  • Most Air Filters Can't Trap Germs

  • Negatively Pressurized Homes Grow Mold due to Water Hidden behind Walls creating: "Mold Greenhouses"

  • Airborne Chemicals and Mycotoxins Cause Disease

Green Clean Air's Solutions 

  • Air filters Trap Germs

  • Ultraviolet Lights Destroy Any Remaining Germs

  • Positively Pressurized Buildings Prevent Mold Growth behind Walls so: "Mold Greenhouses" are   Eliminated!

  • Carbon FIlters Trap Chemicals and Mycotoxins

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